The District | Jackson Street Petone

Est. 2020

The name was inspired by the Meatpackers District in New York City. 

‘The District’ borrows from well recognised New York Loft Apartment living:  typically housed in old brick buildings & often retro-fitted former factories: buildings devoted to industry or manufacturing.

The use of the red brick on the Jackson Street façade speaks of the materials that many of the buildings, that line the Petone main street, are constructed in. The Victoria Street façade in umber brown brick adds a more sophisticated touch & is crowned with the sawtooth roof, also referencing Industry.

The bricks were sourced from Germany where the European market caters to restoration projects. As the demand requires that renovations & new builds remain in keeping with the older buildings they neighbour, a weathered & aged product achieves the desired, seamless transition.   ‘The District’s’ location marks where Residential meets Industrial.

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