of the complex

With its German bricks and generous mortar, the District blends back into the historic streetscape. This is Petone, industrial, hardworking and built with quality materials by local craftsmen. The District is here for the long haul.

Ground floor of this wonderful development houses the street-front retailers and carparks. Studio, 1 and 2 bed apartments are on level two and three and level four boasts the penthouse 3 bedroom apartments.

Modern interiors with great light and efficient spaces this building meets 100% of the NZ building code. These apartments bring about easy living and convenience, freeing time for residents to spend their time pursuing what they love.

Well appointed for space and light, the majority of these apartments’ posess a private winter garden, bringing light and fresh air into each home. In still conditions, the winter garden can be opened up for indoor/ outdoor flow and enjoyed year round or closed off should Tawhirimatea, God of the weather send a fresh cold southerly with lashings of wind and rain.

The studio portion of the apartment works well as a generous main bedroom suite, or a standalone studio. A lockable door from the apartment entry lobby provides access to an efficient service area comprising of the generous ensuite, a kitchenette (with oven, hob, dish-drawer and small fridge), and wardrobe space. TV, couch and drop-down bed are provided. Studios have a shower in the ensuite, and all the other apartment configurations enjoy their own bathtub.

The penthouse with 3 bedroom boasts stunning views and generous spaces.

Built like buildings of the past, this is a building of quality material and smart design.