Like its namesake in the borough of Manhattan New York, the District is central to fashion, food, health, culture and recreation and yet alongside the all these convenience and easy transport options to Wellington City and the greater Wellington area, this apartment sums up classic Wellington whereby the surrounding hills are lush and green and Wellington’s Harbour is only a short walk away.

Petone is famed for its High Street shopping, food and bars, long sandy beach and historic wharf. From its blue collar and working-class background, Petone has re-established itself as the place to be.

All across Wellington, people travel to Petone to enjoy its boutique fashion, restaurants and bars and the artesian well – Te Puna Wai Ora (Spring of life). On the doorstep of this centrally located Jackson Street address, you will find all you need when you need it, even the antique shops are open late!

The District apartment building is well positioned for easy access on to State highway, or a short walk to the railway station and conveniently placed for the Jackson Street bus stop.


  • Te Puna Wai Ora “Spring of life” – 9 minute walk
  • Petone Waterfront & Historic Wharf – 5 minute walk
  • Shandon private Golf club – 6 minute drive
  • Weltec – 4 minute drive, 13 minute walk.
  • The Petone Working Mens Club – 3 minute drive, 14 minute walk,
  • Petone Rugby Club – 21 minute walk, 5 minute drive
  • Petone Railway station – 6 minute walk.
  • State highway 2 south bound – 2 minute drive
  • State highway 2 north bound – 3 minute drive
  • These times are calculated using Google maps and may be subject to change.